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The Perio Tray® was cleared by the FDA in 2004 as a prescription medical device to place solutions of the clinician's choice into periodontal pockets. The frequency and duration of use is determined by the practicing dentist based on individual patient needs.

In addition to data submitted to the FDA for clearance, independent analysis at the USC Center for Biofilms demonstrates efficacy of medicament placement into periodontal pockets via the Perio Tray®. An image from a scanning electron microscope shows that a tetracycline placed into a 6mm pocket via a Perio Tray® remained at sufficient concentration to form crystals on the bottom of a carrier in this 6mm pocket.


This image of crystals that formed at the bottom of a carrier in a 6mm pocket is taken from a research poster presented at the 2007 IADR/AADR meeting.

Dental Products Report recently did an interview with Periodontist R. Bruce Cochrane, DDS, MS as a part of their "product watch" series. Dr. Cochrane is quoted as saying the Perio Tray is going to change the face of dentistry.
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The Perio Protect Method was rated a Top Product by all the dental journals below. Dental Product Shopper® was the latest journal to evaluate and the Perio Tray, and awarded it the Best Product 2013 Award. For additional independent reviews by a non profit dental product testing organization, please send your address to with the subject line "independent review".

Top Product Awards for the Perio Tray

Our success is evidenced by much more than product awards. The Perio Tray is supported by hard medical proof.


A Perio Tray® fits each patient precisely. Models and probing charts are sent with a prescription to a specialized dental laboratory for custom fabrication of seals and extensions that correspond to the pocket depths for the greatest efficacy and comfort.

Patients describe the Perio Tray® as comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. They especially appreciate it's non-invasive technology.

For more information on the Perio Tray®, please call Perio Protect, LLC toll free 1-877-434-GUMS (4867)

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